We are an elopement and wedding

cinematography & photography company

based out of Denver, CO.


At our core, we are storytellers.  We believe in sharing the beautiful and intriguing  moments that occur in every day life.  We hope that the work on this site is evidence of the tremendous amount of care and attention that we put into every piece.  We would be honored to collaborate with you and tell your story.  


About our founder...

  • Matt graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in documentary film production.

  • Learned what he knows while working on Hollywood feature films with the producers of Lord of the Rings, editing award-winning independent documentaries, and filming hundreds of weddings.

  • Put his first wireless microphones on John Cusack and Nicolas Cage. 

  • Has been known to keep a well-trimmed beard, and has been seen tending to a small flock of backyard chickens.

  • He appreciates the path that has gotten him to where he is.

Image courtesy of  Michele Hart Photography

Image courtesy of Michele Hart Photography