Dan & Kendra's Intimate Mountain Wedding at Beaver Creek

I truly enjoyed collaborating with Dan & Kendra...from our couple of sessions chatting over beers at Cannonball Brewery in Golden, to the wedding day, these two have been amazingly genuine and fun to be around!  I felt thrilled when they brought us on board to capture their wedding via both photography and videography, because their description of the upcoming celebration sounded perfect:  a bit of sophistication and elegance paired with a really epic party to celebrate their love and the indispensable community that fills their lives with joy!  Not to mention, they picked a stunning venue to host this grand party in, Beaver Creek.  From their ceremony site at the top of the gondola, I could see the mogul run that devastated me as a child.  Being there also brought back memories of the awe and wonder that I felt as a little kid, huddled between waist-high moguls and looking out over the vast, seemingly endless chain of mountains.  It makes perfect sense to me that this space would be one to start an adventure in.  Kudos guys!  Here is just a snapshot  (you can check out some more here), and I can't wait to share the equally epic video shortly.  Cheers!