A stunning fall elopement in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina...

We felt so fortunate to come on board to film such an intimate, heartfelt, and beautiful day with Kent and Shilo last fall.  I actually grew up in North Carolina and that is where I fell in love with the mountains.  I credit the time I spent wandering through the Pisgah National Forest outside Boone as instrumental in developing my creativity, as the magic of those rolling old mountains settled deep inside me.  When Shilo randomly stumbled upon our work and reached out to ask if we would be "willling" to travel out towards Asheville at the peak of fall colors for what sounded like a truly unique elopement celebration, I had to hold back an excited "hell yeah," in favor of a more tempered "that sounds great!"  Kent and Shilo treated us like old friends, and we know from the love they share, that they are bound for a stellar life together!  We hope you enjoy this film!   

Special special thanks to Robot Koch for granting Shilo and Kent rights to use his beautiful song, "Nitesky."  Check out his work below!