35mm Film...ooh yeah!

I recently was inspired to get my old 35mm camera out and shoot a little Kodak Portra film. The inspiration stemmed from old photos I found from college.  I was such an amateur at that point in time, and I remember being drawn to this old 35mm Pentax camera because the light meter was busted, so it pushed me to get really good at guessing exposures.  And even in those circumstances, with wild shot in the dark guessing, the images came out great! The saturation and quality of the color in the photos rivals the nicest cameras we use today. In fact, I would say I am still striving to attain the same color quality in my current work, that I got from this great film stock ten years ago!  In any case, the photos I took with this busted old camera may not blow your mind, but the results still really intrigue me.  To illustrate some of my awe with great film stock, I did almost no post processing before posting these.   I have to thank some of the people in the photos, like the stellar cinematographer and editor Tim Twinem of Velare Imaginarium, and the killer photographer and kind gentlemen Chaz Cruz, who graciously let me snap some shots of them on a recent trip to NY.  Also, to the great friends, family, and ever patient dog of mine, who let me snap a few shots in Kansas and Colorado. Cheers!