Our Base Video package:  $5900   (Elopements $4900)

Capture the highlights of your event with our Documentary Package, which provides you with a beautifully edited 4-8 minute highlight video of the entire day, as well as fully edited featurettes of the ceremony and toasts.  The highlight video is shareable online so that friends and family can experience the memories right along with you.

Additional Package Specs:

 -Up to 8 hours of coverage with two cinematographers

- Fully edited highlight, ceremony, and toasts delivered in a digital format that is easy to share, as well as all of your raw footage on a hard drive 

- Highlight film shared on the web as well

- Up to 4 hours round trip travel within Colorado.  

Our Base PHOTOGRAPHY package:  $3500 (ELOPEMENTS $2800)(MEDIUM FORMAT FILM ADD $1000)

We love the strength of a beautifully composed still image, and we provide the experience, knowledge, and equipment to capture these images as they unfold naturally throughout your wedding day.  We release all of your edited photos in digital high-resolution formats on either disc or through digital downloads, so you can share them and print them as you see fit.  We also provide you with 10 prints, photos we choose as our favorites,  that we believe capture the essence of the celebration.  If you would like to add on a second photographer, or have us facilitate books or additional prints through our professional connections, please let us know and we can provide you with a custom quote depending upon your goals. Additionally, we can shoot on medium format film. Let us know your goals and we’ll make sure you get what you’re after! 

Á La Carte Additions:  

Customize your base package with pieces that fit your goals….



Cover the beautiful spaces and details that impact the character of your wedding celebration in more depth, by having us dedicate extra time to capturing drone footage.  This extra time will not only allow us to capture epic aerial shots of the space you've chosen to celebrate in, but it will allow us to capture additional time-lapse films and other scenic shots that immerse you back in the grandeur where you got married.  

  • Feature Film video Edit:  $5900

With this stunning addition to our base video package, we deliver to you a dynamic, artistic, and incredibly fun to watch film that incorporates all the elements of your celebration.  This film is cut together as intricately as the highlight film, interweaving music from your celebration with the majority of the beautiful images we are able to capture throughout the day.  We also bring on a third cinematographer to cover all of the details more in depth for this package.  The length of these films varies based on how long your ceremony and toasts are, as these elements form the backbone of each piece.  We have had films as short as 20 minutes and others as long as an hour.  This is by far the best way to relive all of your wedding celebration through cinema!

  • The Story Session (Video/photography):  $825

These sessions are a great way to tell your story as a couple in greater depth.  We excel as storytellers, and we love that these sessions get outside the wedding day to explore what makes you as a couple truly unique.  They are also just a great way to get used to being in front of a camera together while enjoying yourselves in places that are exciting, comfortable, and meaningful!  Check out the link at the bottom for an example.

  • Extra Cinematographer/Photographer:  $700

To get the most in depth coverage possible, it is a great idea to include a third cinematographer, especially if you are choosing to include the Feature Film in your package!

  • Custom DVD/Blu-ray Discs :  $950

Since everyone watches movies on different formats now, we deliver our base package with all of your digital files on a Mac formatted external hard drive.  This is the best way to preserve the work we do for you over time.  However, if you want to pop your finished films into a DVD or Blu-ray player and enjoy them that way, we can build out custom discs with a menu that lets you scroll through and select what you want to watch.  All you would need is the popcorn!  Included in this is the first 5 DVDs or the first 3 Blu-ray discs, whichever you would prefer.

  • Additional Featurettes of specific events on your wedding day:  $950

These extra Featurettes can be anything from the first dance to a musical performance taking place.   Let us know what you want to devote some extra attention to, and we will edit together a one to five minute piece that reflects these extra important events!

  • TRAVEL WITH IN COLORADO $175/NIGHT (if needed)

We want to be safe and available to you from start to finish on your wedding day, so if we’re driving more than one hour from our starting location to your wedding or rehearsal dinner location, we ask for this stipend so we can get there either the night before your wedding and be ready to start first thing in the morning, or so that we can film with you late into the evening!

  • Continental USA & Alaska:  $1050

While the cost of getting us out of Colorado doesn’t really cover the cost of booking plane tickets  and rental cars for two cinematographers, we love traveling and filming in new areas!  (It helps to keep costs down that we are a husband and wife duo!) 

  • International and Hawaii Weddings:  Lets chat!

We speak fluent Spanish, are trying to learn French, and love to travel.  So, we love to keep travel heavy weddings affordable for couples.  Let us know your plans and goals and we will put together a custom budget that reflects some of the costs associated with getting two stellar cinematographers and their gear out to your wedding!


  • RAW FOOTAGE:  We include this!!!

We can back up all of your raw footage and edited files onto a dedicated Mac formatted hard drive that you get to keep, so that in ten years from now, if blu-ray discs or DVDs are obsolete, you have everything necessary to print your film onto the latest and the greatest format!  Also, not every shot makes it into our edits, so if you want to soak up every last memory, scanning through raw footage is a good way to go.  Even if you don't have access to a mac computer, knowing that all of our work is catalogued on this hard drive, is a good piece of mind for you, in case you should ever want to explore doing more with your footage down the road.  

To see some examples of the Á la carte additions, please check out these links below:

Highlight and Feature FilmJeff & Jenna's Wedding Films from Aspen, Colorado

See how the Story Session is incorporated:   Wedding Film with Story Session Included

Additional Featurette:   1st Dance Featurette

-  Wedding Photography Example:  Dan & Kendra's Beaver Creek Wedding Photography

-  Elopement Photography Example:  David & Anna's Maroon Bells Elopement

A special note…

         The hours in our package are included as a guideline to help you plan when to have us start.  Since we do pay our second and third cinematographers/photographers  hourly, having a general guideline is helpful for us in budgeting for your project.  However, we promise you will never hear us complain or ask for a penny more if your wedding day “isn’t running on schedule."  Our goal is to tell your story, and once we are with you, we will stay with you until we know we have all the essential material to tell that story beautifully!  Also, we have tried to create a base package and potential additions that are often requested by couples working with us.  However, we love exploring new ideas with couples, so if you have a creative idea that you don't see listed above, we'd love to hear about it and push the envelope together!